Naruto Wars 6.75d

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Play the role of a shinobi ally of Konoha, and save the ninja world by destroying the ambitious Sound village and other ill-intended shinobi. Or become a super villian from the Sound or a similar evil. The best Naruto AoS ever! Anniversary Edition!
Type: Other
Players: 2-10
Downloads: 166974

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Capture the FLag Rottier V0.1
Caada equipo tiene que capturar la bandera tres veces. Los heros tan dedicados a unos amiguillos.
category: Melee
downloads: 810
players: Whatever
DotA Allstars v6.37
Choose from 77 unique heroes in an epic battle to defend the Ancients. Modes: -ap, -ar, -lm, -mm,...
category: Hero Defense
downloads: 4879
players: 10
The Black Road v1.03
Defeat the eight Titans and end evil's dark crusade along the Black Road. Save/Load RPG with unique ...
category: Role Playing (RPG)
downloads: 3685
players: 2-8
New version Footmen: ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,. FOOTMEN FIGHT ,.,.,.,.,., It catch sword and it slash enemy!...
category: Melee
downloads: 1373
players: 2-12
Eshian's Keltica Rpg Beta
Beta2. The save/load feature was fixed same with the drink blood skill on the blood fiend. Do not do...
category: Role Playing (RPG)
downloads: 1219
players: 3-8
Life in a City v3.31
Become a man, child, woman or criminal. Map designed by jonadrian 619. Features include: More Jobs,...
category: Role Playing (RPG)
downloads: 3707
players: 1-9 player
The Frozen Fight 1.0 beta version
The Lich King has been freed and now, all of the other races but the corrupted night elves are after...
category: Scenario
downloads: 1593
players: All Slots
X's Tournament
category: Other
downloads: 875
players: Any
Join in the epic battle of microscopic proportions as the Red Ants take on the Black Ants for contro...
category: Scenario
downloads: 1126
players: 8-9
Team Maze TD v2.00
Stop the enemies from reaching their destination! A Clan TDG Map.
category: Tower Defense (Cooperative)
downloads: 1994
players: Get a Full

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