Naruto Wars 6.75d

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Play the role of a shinobi ally of Konoha, and save the ninja world by destroying the ambitious Sound village and other ill-intended shinobi. Or become a super villian from the Sound or a similar evil. The best Naruto AoS ever! Anniversary Edition!
Type: Other
Players: 2-10
Downloads: 166972

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Hero Arena:An Epic Battle v.Beta6.2
Two teams of your fav chars face off in an all-out Deathmatch! ----- One Of The Best Hero Arenas O...
category: Hero Arena
downloads: 3469
players: 8-12
Durotar RPG Reborn
Welcome to Durotar.
category: Role Playing (RPG)
downloads: 1668
players: 5
DotA Allstars v6.36b
Choose from 77 unique heroes in an epic battle to defend the Ancients. Modes: -ap, -ar, -lm, -mm, -...
category: Hero Defense
downloads: 1965
players: 10
R3gN3rUb's ORPG 2.9A
An RPG made by R3gN3rUb and "NO" to all the noobs out there thinking im trying to rip off Defi4nc3's...
category: Role Playing (RPG)
downloads: 1112
players: Multi-Play
Anime Hero Arena 8.5 NEW!!!
Two teams of your fav anime chars face off in an all-out Deathmatch! ----- Unlock the 3 battle cha...
category: Other
downloads: 59243
players: 2 to 12
Pyramid Escape v1.21
Beat 18 of 22 challenges to escape the pyramid!
category: Other
downloads: 2050
players: 5-10
Tree Tag Lokal v2.0
Wah..... dah muncul versi 2.0
category: Other
downloads: 908
players: 1v3, 2v6,
True Chaos v0.06b
An ORPG of immense expectations - a game is only as fun as you make it... expect a storm of new vers...
category: Role Playing (RPG)
downloads: 956
players: 10
Mission Pandemonium V6.0
God has given 5 young boys powers that exceed there own imagination, in there aid to triumpth over t...
category: Role Playing (RPG)
downloads: 1322
players: 2-5
Doom(B.E.S version2)
Kill the Doom Master to win! There is a 3 herores will kill them
category: Other
downloads: 999
players: 3

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