Naruto Wars 6.75d

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Play the role of a shinobi ally of Konoha, and save the ninja world by destroying the ambitious Sound village and other ill-intended shinobi. Or become a super villian from the Sound or a similar evil. The best Naruto AoS ever! Anniversary Edition!
Type: Other
Players: 2-10
Downloads: 166972

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VDotAe v1.3b
Choose out of a selection of hero's, Push and destroy the enemies base and destroy there main buildi...
category: Other
downloads: 1092
players: 2-10
Soul's Footmen War v5.8
For more info on SFW, visit my clan's site at or our forums at Souimappers.pos...
category: Other
downloads: 625
players: 4-12
3 war-way
Destroy your enemies before he does that with you.
category: Hero Arena
downloads: 1062
players: 1,2,3,4,6,
Hulk's Heroes 1.14
Your favorite Hero Arena!
category: Hero Arena
downloads: 1661
players: 2-12
Pokemon/Digimon Arena Version2.3BETA
Digimon have been added to GurgleGuts's original Pokemon Arena! NO GAY MEW WITH REJUVINATION alter...
category: Other
downloads: 6729
players: 6v6
Alliance vs. Horde Version 4.3
~Choose a Hero ~Build a small war base ~Upgrade your hero ~Fight in duels against the other teams...
category: Other
downloads: 1028
players: 6 or more
WOPH Mercenaries 1.0b
Choose from over 20 mercenaries as they battle it out in a war of epic proportions. -ap -ar -rm -...
category: Hero Defense
downloads: 1044
players: 2-10
Sheep Tag Rots- 4.0
Sheeps to Win: Survive 20 mins Sheps to Win: Kill all the sheeps Read the notes
category: Sheep Games
downloads: 1186
players: Full House
Vampirism v.2009.5
N1 Map
category: Other
downloads: 632
players: Full
WMW Dragonball Z v4.1
Wintermaul Wars edited with Dragonball Z races. All races finished.¡God version!
category: Other
downloads: 2619
players: 6, 4, 2

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